A Mission to Improve Healthcare

True Nature Holding, Inc. (OTCQB: TNTY) is a public, development stage company whose mission is to acquire and implement technologies and services to improve the quality of care, reduce cost, and enhance consumer convenience. We are focused on developing a portfolio of companies that provide healthcare technology solutions and the team is adept at deal structures supportive of long term organizational value. The holding company structure facilitates profitable growth and enables acquired business to focus on scale.  The TNTY portfolio of companies will apply leading-edge solutions that emphasize stakeholder value and are based upon sector trends:

  • Healthcare Technology sector in high-growth mode
  • Consumer participation in health care decisions is accellerating
  • Health data is essential to control ballooning costs
  • Systems Interoperability is key to better quality and efficiency
  • Earlier patient intervention reduces the cost of care
  • Analytics of health data enables predictive interventions to lower costs
  • Digital Health supports consumer empowerment and convenience

Simple solutions, providing “direct to consumer” healthcare applications through low cost, easy to use technology

Manual or device input, referral network and rewards all aimed at improving healthcare, and access to the professional network of your choice.

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Simple HIPAA, a basic solution for everyday use by everyone. Making Telemedicine simple and accessible by anyone, worldwide

A healthcare information storage sized for the individuals and pets, easy to use, low cost while preserving ability to share with professionals

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612, 2019

True Nature Holding, Inc. Files Form 4

December 6th, 2019|

On December 6, 2019, True Nature Holding, Inc. filed a Form 4 on behalf of Julie R. Smith, Director, and President & COO of the company. Form 4 Filed December 6, 2019   CONTACT Phone number: 1-844-383-8689 Web: https://truenatureholding.com/contact/ [...]